Sonomed PacScan Plus


Portable, digital, combination A-Scan and Pachymeter, with a large color touch screen, on-board memory and USB interface for archiving, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability.


Automatic measurement algorithm senses when probe is properly aligned

Average and standard deviation computed for each reading (each reading consists of 64 individual measurements)

Can measure central and peripheral cornea thickness; multiple corneal maps with graphical display

Measurement range from 125 to 1000 microns enabling measurement of cornel flap

Built-in probe sensitivity test and calibration confirmation

Straight or 45 degree probes available.


Immersion or direct contact A-scan

Manual or automatic capture (cataract, dense cataract, aphakic, silicone oil, and pseudophakic modes)

Auto calculation of axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, and vitreous, with axial length average and standard deviation provided for up to 5 scans per exam

Standard IOL formulas: Binkhorst, Regression-II, Theoretic/T, Holladay, Hoffer-Q, and Haigis

Post-refractive IOL formulas include Latkany Myopic Regression, Latkany Hyperopic, and Aramberri Double-K

Easily review each scan, delete outlying scans, and add new scans

Customizable tissue velocities of each structure

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