VRmagic Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope

Training of retinal examinations and diagnostic skills

The Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator uses virtual reality to deliver an innovative new way of teaching the diagnostic skill of direct ophthalmoscopy. Eyesi® Direct is handled exactly the same way as its real counterpart. Looking through the ocular students can examine virtual patients of varying age and ethnicity.

Standardized curriculum for medical education

The case database of Eyesi® Direct contains a selection of clinically relevant variations of the retina. With a didactically structured curriculum the simulator offers medical schools and students a standardized method for self-guided training.

Computer-based assessment

Trainees receive immediate, objective feedback after each virtual eye exam, for example on light exposure, the area of the retina surface actually examined, completeness of findings and correctness of diagnoses. All training data is stored on the system for further analysis by the educator.


Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope



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