Nidek YC-200 YAG/SLT


  • Refined laser delivery with lower energy
  • SLT mode
  • Clear and sharp field of view
  • Precise aiming beam
  • Optimized operating distance
  • Unique joystick

Refined laser delivery with lower energy

The YC-200 S plus / YC-200 achieves 1.6 mJ plasma threshold in air1, delivering accurate and robust treatments with lower energy. 1 A plasma threshold of 1.6 mJ is achieved in ordinary room conditions (in-house data).

SLT mode

The YC-200 S plus offers an advanced SLT mode. SLT is highly effective for treating open angle glaucoma.


The SLT-NAVI feature presents an intuitive display on the progress of laser treatment, providing the surgeon with important feedback.

Clear and sharp field of view

An improved optical design that optimizes resolution and contrast, and an expanded focal depth provide a clear view of pathology and treatment. A unique illumination system with an LED light source results in a bright, near-natural view that minimizes aberration. The sharp, clear optics provide an enhanced view of the treatment area.

Precise aiming beam

Motorized rotatable aiming beam (YAG mode)

The dual aiming beam offers superior targeting with a 360° rotating aiming beam that can avoid corneal opacities and achieve more accurate focusing.

*Precise edge aiming beam (SLT mode)**

Parfocality delivers a clear view for easier focusing of the aiming beam through the contact lens. *Available for the YC-200 S plus

Optimized operating distance

Maximized working distance allows easier manipulation of the contact lens, and the short operating distance decreases surgeon fatigue during treatment. *Operating distance denotes the distance from the microscope eyepiece to the patient’s eye.

Unique joystick

Utility S-switch

The S-switch on the joystick changes treatment settings without shifting gaze from the oculars. The ease of use allows surgeons an increased level of comfort during treatment.

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