Nidek Mirante SLO + OCT


  • The ultimate multimodal imaging platform
    • Color / FA / ICG / Blue-FAF / Green-FAF / Retro mode
    • OCT / OCT-Angiography
  • Ultra wide field x ultra HD image
  • Unsurpassed color
  • Dynamic/Simultaneous FA and ICG
  • Unique Retro mode
  • HD wide area OCT

The ultimate multimodal imaging platform

Ultra wide field x ultra HD image

163° ultra wide field image

The clear image of the entire 163° field of view enables detailed evaluation of pathologies from the fovea to the extreme periphery. (Ultra wide field imaging is available with the optional wide-field adapter.)

Colour Fundus

Retro Mode

FA Image

Ultra 4K HD and averaging function for unparalleled clarity

4,096 x 4,096 pixel imaging captures every detail of the retina and choroid. Additionally, zooming in allows high magnification, clear visualization of subtle changes in pathology, and resolution of the fine details of capillaries. New FlexTrack algorithm corrects image distortion due to unstable fixation and enhances averaging quality.

Distorted image due to poor fixation

Corrected image using FlexTrack

Unsurpassed color

Three separate RGB detectors simultaneously scan different depths of retina with red, green, and blue wavelengths. A color histogram is available for fine adjustment based on pathology or practitioner preference.

Colour Histogram adjusted close to slit lamp view

Colour histogram adjusted close to fundus camera image

FA and ICG

HD dynamic angiogram

Videos can be recorded at a maximum of 1,024 x 1,024 pixels for up to 120 seconds. Multiple short videos can be recorded during the same measurement.

Simultaneous FA and ICG The Mirante allows simple, simultaneous acquisition of FA and ICG images. The live IR monitoring enables alignment prior to fluorescence emission and reduces in the risk of missing the very early phase of angiography. The Auto gain control (AGC) simultaneously adjusts contrast of each FA and ICG image, making the imaging of dynamic blood flow a very simple procedure.

Simultaneous FA & ICG imaging display

Live IR Monitoring

Retro mode

Retro mode is a unique non-invasive technique for detecting pathologic changes in the choroid. This imaging modality uses scattered IR light to detect abnormal reflection in the choroid caused by drusen, edema and other subtle chorioretinal pathologies.

Retro Mode image (Drusen)

HD wide area OCT

The maximum 16.5 x 12 mm area scan available with the Mirante allows wide area diagnosis including the macula and optic disc in a single shot. The ultra fine mode and tracing HD plus functions provide high quality images for detailed observation from vitreous to choroid.

Macula Line 16.5mm / 2048 A Scans

Angioscan OCT-Angiography (Optional)

Images courtesy of Luigi Sacco Hospital, University of Milan, Italy / Retina Foundation & Eye Research Center, India

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