Nidek NT-530P


  • Enhanced combination unit of non contact tonometer and pachymeter
  • Automatic calculation of compensated IOP
  • Advanced APC (Auto Puff Control) and noise reduction for comfortable tonometry measurement
  • Tiltable 5.7-inch color LCD for user-friendly operability
  • 3-D auto tracking, auto shot, and auto complete
  • ACA mode

Automatic calculation of compensated IOP

The IOP compensation is automatically calculated with automatically measured patient's central corneal thickness.

APC (Auto Puff Control)

The APC achieves a quieter and softer air puff for patient's more comfort.

Tiltable 5.7-inch color LCD

The 5.7-inch color LCD with tilting function offers easy operation even for a standing operator.

ACA mode

The ACA mode allows the operator to capture an image of the anterior chamber angle with the Scheimpflug image.

Normal Eye

Closed Angle Eye

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