Nidek ME-1200


  • Automatic 3-D drilling and grooving
  • Step beveling / Partial step processing
  • High base curve processing
  • Design cut
  • Easy operation and convenient use

Automatic 3-D drilling and grooving

The 3-D drilling function enables the operator to create various hole shapes such as slots, notches, counterbored and jewel holes. The 3-D grooving processes lens with pin-point accuracy resulting in highly attractive lens periphery regardless of lens shape, curve and thickness.

Step beveling / Partial step processing*

With step beveling, Rx lenses can be easily mounted into sunglass frames which are traditionally difficult to mount due to asymmetrical eyewire profiles.

  • Type for PLB-8S and PLB-2R8S

Design cut

The design cut enables creation of unique lens shapes utilizing the drill bit as a milling tool. This allows the operator to creatively design a lens edge or hole resulting in the most intricate shapes, which cannot be processed by grinding wheels.

Easy operation

The Me series allow easy operation with the 8.4-inch color touch panel, intelligible display design, and jog dial.

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