Nidek Chart Projector CP-770


NIDEK’s CP-770 Remote Control Chart Projector extends the advanced design and efficiency of their previous model, the CP-690, while packaging it in a smaller, modern casing.

The CP-770 also incorporates a new maintenance-free LED illumination system that produces a brighter, more consistent high-resolution acuity image. It also features an internal brightness control rheostat allows you to adjust the brightness intensity of the projected image, advanced internal circuitry which automatically compensates for any fluctuation in supply voltages, and a new optics design for the condensing lens system to produce a 30% increase in the overall projected image quality.

With the CP-770, the operator has complete access to any chart, simply by pressing a button, or to a pre-programmed sequence of charts to expedite the refraction process. The CP-770’s 33 charts not only includes a wide variety of Snellen, illiterate E’s, numbers, and pediatric charts, but the 770 also includes eleven specialty charts and two ETDRS LogMar charts. To help eliminate patient memorization, ten individual 20/20 lines are available on the CP-770, as well as additional 20/15 and 20/10 lines for the more discriminating refractive surgery patients.


  • Maintenance-free light for improved cost efficiency
  • Brighter and clearer chart display with white LED
  • Optical zoomer for a variable installation distance
  • Sophisticated design

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