Kowa VX-20 (Mydriatic)

Enhanced photography features 5 photography modes including FAF*

In addition to non-mydriatic color, mydriatic color, fluorescein fundus angiography (FA), and red-free (RF) modes, the VX-20 has a fundus auto-fluorescence (FAF) mode. Also, the SP feature allows for photography of small pupils down to 3.5 mm.

  • Option

Updated design providing stress-free diagnosis

75 mm reduced height of examined eye from our previous model ("VX-10" series), allowing photography in a relaxed posture for patient.

Equipped with instant image filing software

The instant image filing feature allows ID management of images, browsing, and direct output to the external printer. In addition, images can be output to every electric medical records of any manufacturers through the network, not to mention by connecting to the image filing system Kowa VK-2.

Optical variable 2 angles

Field of view can be switched between 45°/27° in non-mydriatic mode or between 50°/30° in mydriatic mode by a simple pressing of a button.

Fundus can be observed through the optical viewfinder

In mydriatic mode, the fundus can be observed through the optical viewfinder, allowing photography of images exactly as viewed. This feature is particularly helpful for photographing peripheral part of the retina.

Design:Chin rest

  • Eye level indication can be easily seen even in the darkroom.
  • Stable chassis that makes it easy to assist in patient's eyelid opening.

Design:Tilt angle

The downward tilt angle has been expansion to 11°.

Thus, facilitating upward-angle shoots, which have been difficult with the conventional models.

  • As with compared to our previous models.

High resolution photography

  • The special digital camera built-in.
  • The easy image storage.

Wide-screen touch LCD monitor

Wide-screen touch LCD monitor is employed, on which the image is displayed in the center with touch panel icons effectively placed along both sides of the screen. It also provides easier operation with the easy-to-see touch LCD monitor.

Designed for operability

Only usable buttons are illuminated in each photographic mode, enabling smooth and quick photography even in a dark room. Moving the electronic chin rest up and down and switching the field of view can be easily operated by hand.

SP (Small Pupil) photography mode

In mydriatic mode, either φ.5 mm or φ4.0 mm can be selected. In non-mydriatic mode, φ3.5 mm is available.

  • The SP mode is not supported in RF mode.
  • With φ3.5 mm photography, some eyes may cause a flare around their circumference.

Fixation light switching

Central/disc/macula/peripheral, and external fixation light can be switched with the single touch of a button.

Custom buttons

Photographic sensitivity, diaphragm, and photographic intensity can be set by the operator. Depending on the patient, photographic settings can be easily adjusted with simple operations, for example, by increasing the sensitivity to allow patient-friendly photography or to compensate the insufficient light intensity for the FA later phase.

Photography with monitor observation

In mydriatic color, FA, RF, and FAF modes, photography under the monitor observation that can reduce the photophobia of the patient is also possible, in addition to the normal viewfinder observation.

Capture mode

The capture mode allows the operator to input IDs and display the alignment images or images just captured.

Viewer mode

The viewer mode allows the operator to browse the images saved in the selected ID, and print or delete the displayed image.

Example of System Configuration


  • Equipped with the instant image filing function using a touch LCD monitor.
  • Multiple-image display (4 images).
  • Photography data is saved in the CF memory card.


  • Direct connection with an intranet via LAN.
  • ID input from the VX-20 is possible.
  • Photographic data can be saved in the network terminal.
  • Allows direct printing using the preview display.

Connecting to the Kowa VK-2 image filing system

  • All the captured images can be freely saved and managed.
  • Data sharing on an intranet is possible.
  • Equipped with the multi-timer function for FA photography.

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