Nidek GS-1 Gonioscope


  • Sophisticated lens design for 360° angle imaging
  • Intelligent “Angle Detection”
  • Introducing innovative “Stitching”
  • Focus depth
  • GEL immersion examination
  • Data storage and report export

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Sophisticated lens design for 360° angle imaging

The GS-1 incorporates a unique one-of-a-kind multimirror prism lens designed specifically for this system. Sixteen surfaces capture 360 degrees in one smooth measurement sequence. The NIDEK multimirror prism lens was developed by optimizing each surface for the perfect angle.

Intelligent “Angle Detection”

Automated Angle Detection provides guidance for capturing the iridocorneal angle. Through diligent research, NIDEK developed Angle Detection that can recognize angles regardless of eye color.

Introducing innovative “Stitching”

The GS-1 composes linear and circular images of iridocorneal angle structures when the entire 360 degrees are captured.

Circular Stitching (normal eye)

Circular Stitching (drainage system)

(Linear Stitching)

Focus depth

Each area is automatically captured in 17 different foci, enabling versatile approaches to the angle. (Up to 15 images per area can be saved.)

  • Images courtesy of Assist. Prof. Luis Abegão Pinto, MD, PhD, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Focus on Angle

Focus on Device

GEL immersion examination

This system uses gel coupling to ensure patient comfort. (The multimirror prism lens is not intended to touch the cornea.)

Data storage and report export

Data saving without an external PC connection enhances clinical efficiency and patient management. Different from classic gonioscopy, diagnosis can be performed based on the acquired images rather than at the time of assessment. Images can be easily shared at conferences and used for patient education.

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