Nidek OPD Scan III


  • Comprehensive vision analysis
  • Solutions for face-to-face consulting
  • Easy-to-understand reports presented with tablet viewer
  • Wide range of display patterns

Comprehensive vision analysis

OPD-Scan III VS is a device that mainly measures corneal shape (topographer) and refractive error (refractometer). It clarifies causes of vision difficulties through wavefront analysis of information measured over a wide area.

Solutions for face-to-face consulting

Tablet viewer provides three kinds of easy-to-understand reports for explanation and consulting. *The tablet is not included or sold with the OPD-Scan III VS.

Basic Information Report

Basic information to generally judge the patient’s eye conditions.

Simulation Report

Visual performance simulations and MTF graphs for a variety of conditions.

Eye Diagram Image Report

Eye model to visually understand eye conditions ranging from eye fundus to cornea.

Wide range of display patterns

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